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Discover Lanzarote Grand Tour
Timanfaya National Park
Jameos del Agua
Villa de Teguise
Haria (drive through)
Haria View Point
La Geria | Rubicon wine cellar | wine tasting

On this full day shore private tour we shall get the opportunity to see the most symbolic places of Lanzarote, obligatory key visiting points that must be visited by everyone that comes to the island.

This is a full day trip (7/8 hours) viisiting the main highlights of the island: Timanfaya National Park & Jameos del Agua

Timanfaya National Park is the result of the eruptions that Lanzarote suffered back on the 18th century. This eruption is considered one of the most important over the last 500 years of mankind and at the interior of the Park you will enjoy the geothermal demonstrations and the panoramic Route of the Volcanoes. Timanfaya is the type of landscape that will remain forever in your traveling memories.

The other highlight of the day is Jameos del Agua, a public space designed by César Manrique who was a key man in the social and economic development of Lanzarote. Jameos del Agua was designed at the interior of a former magma river where the artist created and underground paradise, a place that invites to relax.

We also pay a visit to La Geria, the vineyards area which is an example of sacrifice of the inhabitants of Lanzarote in their unbalance fight against the volcanic catastrophe. The peasants of Lanzarote where able to put some order out of chaos leaving a unique agricultural landscape that has become one of the most admired of Lanzarote. We stop at a winery to enjoy the most traditional wine of Lanzarote: malvasia wine.

During our day you stop at the One Thousand Palm Tree Valley to enjoy stunning views of Malpaso Valley, we will cross the former capital of Lanzarote and the charming village of Haria, you will learn about the culture of water in a place where we never had water and many other thing that makes Lanzarote a unique place. A prodigy island.

Timanfaya National Park is one of the most important volcanic places on Earth, the result of the eruption that struck the south of Lanzarote between 1730 and 1736 leaving a stunning volcanic landscape. Nearly a quarter of the total surface of Lanzarote was destroyed by vocanoes, lava flows and raining volcanic grains. A place you will never forget.

The other highlight of the tour is Jameos del Agua, an underground oasis located at the interior of a former volcanic tunnel formed by the molten lava after the eruption of La Corona volcano 20,000 years ago.Jameos del Agua, like many other places in Lanzarote was designed by César Manrique, a local artist that changed the fate of Lanzarote and its inhabitants. This public space is without any doubt the masterpiece of Manrique´s artistic proposal: art/nature – nature/art.

It is also a must a visit to the vineyards area of Lanzarote, La Geria, where the inhabitants of Lanzarote where capable to overcome the volcanic catastrophe shaping one of the most singular agricultural places in the world dugging nearly 200,000 thousand holes into the thick layers of volcanic ash. We will stop at one of the oldest wineries of the island to enjoy the famous malvasia wine and if you wish we can also organize a tapas lunch to discover the traditional dishes of the island.

During our journey we’ll get to enjoy the variety of landscapes which are dotted all across the geography of Lanzarote, we drive through villages of historic importance like Teguise and Haria, we learn about the culture of the water in a place that has the same rainfall levels of the Sahara and all the curiosities that make Lanzarote so unique.

A prodigy island.

  • As a private tour we can adjust the schedule, duration and activities to meet your needs.
  • Please let us know about any special requests you might have.
  • You must enjoy walking short distances and be able to get in and out of public transport.
  • The tour includes some steps and uneven surfaces.

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