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In this ever changing world it´s not easy to maintain and keep the natural environment intact in order to support the demands of the ever growing population. This is inevitable but the worse thing is that environment is degrading at a swift pace due to the lack of proper education and awareness efforts.

We, at Blackstone Treks & Tours, understand and are commited to environmental conservation efforts. Hence, we educate and train our staff to conserve and value the environment and inform them that they should try not to do anything to spoil the environment in the areas that we visit. We try our best to keep the place as intact as we found it and even make it cleaner than before. Non bio-degradable waste is brought back and disposed properly.


To make travel experiences special by providing holiday and activities that causes minimal environment impact, respect the culture and the people of Lanzarote and offer real economic benefit to local communities.

We brief our clients about the following subjects:

Don´t waste water. It hardly rains in Lanzarote. Drinkable water is obtained by desalinating sea water and this process is costly. Water is a precious resource and it is important to use it sparingly.

Avoid consuming energy unnecessarily. Obtaining energy is expensive and causes a serious impact on the environment.

Don´t throw away paper, cigarette butts or other litter. The people of Lanzarote have always felt the need to keep their surrondings clean.

Avoid going of the paths. Even a simple footprint on the volcanic material takes months to disappear.

Don´t gather volcanic materials.

Don´t uproot vegetation. Lanzarote has flora that is unique in the world but is rare and protected by law.

Consume food produced in Lanzarote such as our wines with their prestigious certified labels of origin and contribute to maintaining the beauty of the agricultural landscape.

Buy handycrafts elaborated by the artisans of the island.

Eat at the local taverns and bars. Food has a fast rotation and they normally use local growing products.


Blackstone Treks & Tours is member of SEO/BirdLife which is part of BirdLife International,the largest coalition of conservation NGOs in the world.
Why birds?
Well, who has never been admired by a flight of a bird? They are everywhere, easy to admire and bring us closer to nature but they are also an excellent indicator of the ecosystem quality and serve therefore as a warning signal about the state of our environment. So when we work to preserve them we are also ensuring our own being and our own future.

We also cooperate with the local schools in a joint effort to teach our little ones about the importance to live in harmony with nature.

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