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Grade Moderate

Terrain condition
dirt track (100%)

Stone Lizard
El Jable
Mathiola longipetala

This walk sets off at the village of Tiagua that was once the island trading center for local produce and ends up at the fisherman village of Caleta de Famara located in one of the most impresive landscapes of Lanzarote: Penedo Bay.

Our hike crosses the the protected landscape of El Jable, a vast area that has been covered by the marine organic sands carried by the predominant winds in Lanzarote: the Trade Winds.

Since the native times the inhabitants of the island have been cultivating this place with practically no water obtaining some of the best crops in Lanzarote.

Besides its historical significance it is also a very important place for birds such the endemic specie Chlamydotis undulada (Houbara Bustard) or the Cursorius cursor (Cream -coloured Courser).

Despite being a cultivated area vegetation in this mini-desert is very scarce and it is mainly represented by saladillo blanco (Polycarpaea nivea), camellera (Heliotropium ramosissimum) or the endemic plant corazoncillo de Lanzarote (Lottus lancerottensis).

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